Sarah did an amazing job with my 11-year old son, Luke, after he suffered a severe concussion.  Her treatments significantly improved his headache symptoms and helped speed his recovery.   Tracy Eiler (San Carlos, CA)

I see Sarah for tune-ups whenever I can.  It’s so relaxing, and afterwards I feel great from head to toe.   Rainey Tisdale (Boston, MA)

I have had foot massages in the past, primarily at traditional Asian spas, so I thought I knew what to expect – I was wrong.  Sarah is professional, attentive and very knowledgeable about the healing benefits of Reflexology.  At the end of a session you feel energized, relaxed and good.   I highly recommend Reflexology by Sarah.  Michele Jaffe (Atlanta, GA)

Sarah started reflexology and Reiki treatments on me when I was first diagnosed with cancer and worked on me throughout my surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments.  I feel that Sarah played an integral part in my healing.  I highly recommend her services to anyone.  Janet Cross (Atlanta, GA)