Thank you for visiting my site and letting me spread the word about the amazing benefits of reflexology.  I discovered foot reflexology in 2012 and was amazed at how much my body was able to relax and let go of stress during a session- even more so (for me personally) than during a full body massage.  I was hooked!  My goal is for you to leave a session with me feeling extremely relaxed, but at the same time feeling balanced on a physical and energetic level.  I look forward to working on you to help alleviate your stress– one foot at a time.


I am a nationally certified reflexologist with an independent reflexology practice in Midtown Atlanta for the past five years.  I  trained at Roz Zollinger’s Heal Center in Atlanta and I was nationally certified by the American Reflexology Certification Board in 2013.  Certification requires more than 200 hours of course work, testing, and practical application.  I am also a member of the Georgia Reflexology Organization and the Reflexology Association of America.  In addition to reflexology, I am also a certified Usui Reiki energy practitioner (Master level) and certified Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hour yoga teacher. I find foot reflexology and energy work to be a beautiful, healing combination. My clients live in a variety of locations across the city of Atlanta, including Midtown, Virginia-Highlands, Morningside, Candler Park, and Decatur.


Reflexology is a safe, non-invasive, holistic practice involving compression massage to reflex areas on the feet, hands, and ears that correlate to all glands, organs, parts and systems of the body.  The physical act of apply pressure using thumb, finger and hand techniques to these reflex areas results in the reduction of stress which promotes physiological changes in the body.  During the session, the client remains fully clothed and removes only their shoes and socks.

Reflexology’s primary goal is to help release tension from the body.  Medical studies have show that more than 75% of our health problems are brought on by stress.  Reflexology releases stress and helps our body return to its natural state of optimum health.

Some of the benefits of reflexology may include:

  • promotes a feeling of deep relaxation
  • reduces stress and tension in the body
  • increases lymphatic drainage and blood circulation
  • helps with digestion and elimination of waste and toxins
  • increases nerve stimulation and blood supply to the body
  • stimulates endorphins in the body to promote natural healing
  • reduces muscle pain and tension
  • helps with PMS symptoms
  • Revitalizes tired feet

Reflexology is not intended to diagnose medical conditions or replace the care of a doctor.


Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing developed by Dr. Mikao Usui.  This safe, non-invasive, holistic practice rebalances and replenishes the energy in your body to help stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Reiki can ease stress, clear the mind, balance your energy, and help to relieve physical ailments. It is not a cure for illness but can relieve symptoms and help strengthen the immune system which is often lowered by stress.  During the session, the client remains fully clothed and removes only their shoes and socks.  I personally find a one hour foot reflexology session combined with a half hour Reiki energy to be a powerful healing combination for my clients.


  • 1 Hour Adult Foot Reflexology Session  $60
  • 1.5 Hour Adult Foot and Hand Reflexology Session  $90
  • 45 Minute Kid’s Foot Reflexology Session $40 (Ages 5-13)


  • 1.5 Hour Adult Foot Reflexology/Reiki Session $90
  • 1 Hour Kid’s Foot Reflexology/Reiki Session $50 (Ages 5-13)


  • 30 Minute Kid’s Reiki Session $30 (Ages 5-13)
  • 1 Hour Adult Reiki Session $60


  • Purchase three 1 hour sessions for $150 (save $30)
  • Purchase three 1.5 hour sessions for $220 (save $50)



  • Mon: 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  • Wed: 5:15  p.m. to 6:45 p.m.
  • Thu: 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  • Fri: 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

***I do take occasional weekend appointments.  Please contact me for further information.***


To schedule an appointment, please go to my booking site at https://reflexologybysarah.simplybook.me/v2/ OR contact me at (404) 840-4505 .

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My home office is located in the Morningside Neighborhood, close to Piedmont Park.  Once you book an appointment on my booking site you will receive a notification that includes the address of my home office.  Please feel free to contact me at (404)840-4505 if you have any questions about my location.


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